About me

I am Luca Versari, a mathematician who was tempted by the dark side and switched to Computer Science.

I aim to make the world a better place for everyone, but I don’t have a way to solve everything yet - so far I only attempted to make usage of the Internet more pleasant :)

I really like reading books and manga, watching movies and anime, and playing video games. My favourite genres are science fiction and fantasy (especially if time travel is involved), and for video games in particular I especially like JRPGs.

I also enjoy mathematics, computer science and related topics - especially things like imagining (or drawing) mathematical objects, technical drawing, random facts about natural numbers, diophantine equations, programming and compression.

Other miscellaneous things that I enjoy are cooking, listening to music (classical and epic music in particular) and just about anything that makes me reason and think.

Here are some of my all-time favourites things.

Video games

Chrono Trigger

Chrono Trigger is, in my humble opinion, the best game of all time. It’s a Japanese RPG, with an amazing story involving time travel and some of the best music I’ve ever listened to.

I cannot really find the words to describe how beautiful this game is. Your only option is to try it out!

Beautiful things


As you can see from the homepage, I like looking at and generating fractals, either with existing software like Mandelbulber2 or with my own code.


Two Steps From Hell

One of my favourite bands. You can find their music here.

Many of their songs are incredibly energizing! Some that I particularly like: